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Private and Tailor-Made Holidays

Private and Tailor-Made Tours are better than Group Joining Tours because of:

Why Private and Tailor-made Holidays?

A private and tailor-made trip offers you the freedom to personalize your holiday. With Third Rock Adventures you can create an exclusive travel experience revolving around your individual preferences and needs.

Personalized and Flexible Itinerary

You have complete control over your trip itinerary – when and where you want to go, what you want to do, and where you want to stay. You can choose the type of transportation and cancel or add activities to your trip.

Personalized and Flexible Itinerary


Your Price

Your trip will be tailored according to your budget. Whether you want to travel in luxury or prefer a modest and inexpensive holiday, we will plan it according to your spending power. The trip's price will be determined by the type of services you choose and the size of your group.

Travel with your own group

This is your trip, and you choose your own group. You can travel with your friends, colleagues or family and share great moments. No strangers are sharing your space while traveling, so the comfort level is relatively high. Traveling with close ones also makes the experience blissful and stress-free.

Travel with your own group

Private Guide

Private Guide

The tour or trek guide is only at your or your private group's service. Unlike crowded group tours, where you have to wait to grab the guide's attention, the guide is solely at your service in a private tour. You can get answers to your query instantly without having to wait. Plus, the guide only takes you to those destinations you want to visit — no need to tag along with a huge group to places you don't want to go.

Hand-Picked Accommodation and Transportation

Depending on your taste, you can choose a luxury hotel or a modest tourist class accommodation. You can choose to travel by flight, private vehicle, or helicopter (wherever heli services are available).

Accommodation and Transportation



It's up to you whether you want to include or exclude meals in your trip itinerary. We assist clients with special dietary requirements (vegans, people with gluten sensitivity, vegetarians) to locate restaurants that serve their type of food. For tourists from Islamic countries, we can arrange Halal meals at Halal restaurants.

Special Assistance

We provide extra care and assistance for elderly travelers and families traveling with small children. Babysitters, caregivers, or personal travel assistants will be provided on request.

Special Assistance

Third Rock Adventures specializes in private and tailor-made holidays. We organize personalized trips for

Educational Institutions

We arrange trekking adventures and engaging educational trips for school or college tour groups. We have the manpower and expertise to run large group tours. You can expect a streamlined, hassle-free, and safe trip for your students.

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Educational Institutions

Corporate Groups

Corporate Groups

Third Rock Adventures has the expertise to arrange events, incentive tours, and team-building tours for corporate groups. We can manage the logistics and plan your trip according to your specifications.

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Destination Management Companies (DMC)

We work closely with destination management companies (DMCs) to plan streamlined holidays and itineraries for their clients. We manage the logistics and details of each trip as specified by the DMC. Being a trusted name in the Himalayan tourism industry, Third Rock Adventures is a reliable choice for any DMC planning to run trips in the Himalayas.

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Destination Management Companies

Families Travel

Families Travel

Families traveling with kids can personalize their itinerary and pick activities that are fun and wholesome for the whole family. Holidays are for creating memories that will last a lifetime, and with our private family trips, you can do just that.

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Couple, Solo Travellers and Others

Whether you are a couple on a holiday, buddies on vacation, or a solo traveler, we cater to each of your needs and plan a personalized holiday itinerary that can turn out to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Solo Travellers

Why don't we list the price of trips on our website?

Third Rock Adventures runs only Private and Tailor-Made trips. As each trip is customized to fit the client's requirements and group size, the price of each trip we organize is different. The trip's price is calculated keeping in view the type of services and accommodation chosen by our clients. To offer you a personalized and seamless holiday experience, we create trips that suit your taste and travel budget.

We see travelers as individuals having their own special needs and preferences. An experience of a lifetime is only possible when each and every detail of your holiday is planned around your needs.

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